Sorry, Rachel: New Poll Says Single ‘Friends’ Fans Side With Ross in the ‘Break’ Debate

So it’s settled then

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Turns out Ross and Rachel were on a break — or at least a new poll says more single “Friends” fans believe they were on a break.

In a recent campaign conducted by the Plenty of Fish dating app, which polled 1,865 users between Aug. 14 and Aug. 16, 60% of singles said they think Ross (David Schwimmer) did not cheat when he and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) were on a break back in Season 3 of the beloved NBC sitcom, according to data provided to TheWrap by the company.

However, 44% of women polled believe he did cheat vs. 36% of men.

The dating app’s questionnaire also revealed that single users don’t agree on what it means to be “on a break,” much like Ross and Rachel. Here’s what the breakdown in the poll was, in Plenty of Fish’s own words:
38% say it means open relationship while figuring things out
33% say it means still together/monogamous
29% say it means broken up/can date and hook up with others

Additionally, 39% of singles polled said they have been on a break with their significant other/spouse — so Ross and Rachel aren’t alone.

See below for more results from the “Friends” poll, courtesy of Plenty of Fish. (Again, these are the dating apps descriptions.)

  • OH. MY. GAAAAAAAAAAD. 22% have dated “a Janice” – someone who was annoying and clingy. Yet 74% of singles don’t think it’s a deal breaker if their friends don’t like the person they’re dating.
    • One-third of singles have dated “a Richard” – they didn’t want the same things in life, and 22% have dated “an Emily” – they were controlling and distrustful.
  • Could they BE anymore like us? The majority of singles (53%) have dated a friend  – with 61% of men having dated a friend compared to 46% of women.
  • The one where Phoebe and Monica are relatable:
    • When it comes to dating, most men (25%) identify with Phoebe’s “independent” dating style saying they go with the flow, give most people a shot and are perfectly content being single.
    • Most women (36%) identify with Monica’s “serious” dating style saying that their time is precious and they only date people who they see a future with.
  • How you doin’? One in five men (21%) have dated a roommate vs. only 8% of women.
  • My best friend and my sister?! 22% of singles have dated a friend’s sibling.