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A Fun Group, but Foul-Mouthed

Nwc_2 This adorable group of guys, friends from community college in tiny Walnut, California who transfered to UCLA together, are now performing a play they co-wrote about race and the destructive power of language. In a story about them in today’s paper, I write:  "Lest anyone think that a play with three ethnic slurs in its title is going to dance around the subject of race and the limits of tolerable discourse, be advised that the bombshells are hurled from its opening moments: An Asian actor, dressed in blue Chinese pajamas, steps onstage chanting rhythmically, “CHINK-chink-chink, CHINK-chink-chink.” He is followed by a Latino actor, in flood pants and a do-rag, chanting the word “Wetback,” who is then followed by a strutting African-American actor in a floor-length red coat and feathered hat, chanting “Nigger,” over and over, in syncopation to the other slurs." The play is on at the Ivar in Hollywood for the next two months, a stimulating and often funny evening. Here’s the rest of the article, which tells you what it’s been like for them to tour the country for the past two years.