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‘Furious 7’ Star Jason Statham Teases Showdown With Vin Diesel, Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How to Fight (Video)

The action star debuts a new clip from the movie, and then punches the late-night host in the face for fun

“Furious 7” bad guy Jason Statham not only teased what promises to be an action-packed showdown with Vin Diesel in the movie when appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he taught the host how to fight — like an actor, anyway.

Like the rest of the “Furious 7” cast who appeared on the ABC late-night show this week, Statham kicked off his interview by debuting a clip from the highly anticipated “Fast and Furious” sequel.

Spoiler alert: Diesel will drop a cheesy one liner before getting into fisticuffs with Statham in the Universal Pictures release expected to top $100 million at the box office this weekend.

Kimmel asked his guest what the difference was between “movie fighting” and “real fighting,” then came up with a bright idea to trick his viewers by using a little Hollywood magic.

“Punch me in slow motion, and then when we play this back, we’ll speed it up, and the audience at home won’t know what the Hell went on,” Kimmel said.

Although he didn’t trick any viewers, the production team was able to replay the punch immediately, and it actually looks pretty painful.

Watch the video.

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