‘Furious 7’ Star Jordan Brewster Sketches Naked Man With James Corden, Dave Grohl, Rainn Wilson (Video)

Wilson may have designed a new Foo Fighters t-shirt during the “Late Late Show” bit

James Corden initiated tasteful nudity on “The Late Late Show” on Monday.

While interviewing “Furious 7” star Jordana Brewster, Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl, and “Backstrom” star Rainn Wilson, Corden invited an elderly bearded model named Jonathan to pose naked for his guests on stage so they could create works of art. Wilson remarked,

“Jonathan, you look just like Dave Grohl!” Wilson joked.

Once all the sketches were complete, everyone passed their work to Corden to share with the audience.

Wilson tastefully covered Jonathan with a Foo Fighters logo, and Grohl thought it would make a great design for a new band t-shirt.

Grohl’s was the best, however. Not only was it very lifelike, but he added an Easter theme to it, as well.

Watch the video to see them all.

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