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Fusion’s ‘No, You Shut Up’ Issues Apology for Talking Hot Dog’s ‘Offensive’ Latino Junkie Comment (Video)

The puppet broke the network’s code of conduct when using the term ”illegal“

Media personalities of all kinds seem to be apologizing for offensive comments they drop on or off the air, and a puppet on Fusion’s fake cable news show, “No, You Shut Up,” can count himself among them.

Hot Dog, a talking hot dog and fictional actor, has apologized for using the term “illegal” when referring to a “Latino junkie” character he played in a non-existent 2009 episode of “Criminal Minds.”

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As host Paul F. Tompkins explained: “It’s the policy of this network that we do not use the term ‘illegal’ immigrant. We find it offensive.”

“No, You Shut Up” is a topical fake news show that  features a four-member panel of puppets from the Henson Company discussing issues until they get too angry to discuss them any further.

The program poking fun at shows like Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” and CNN’s “Crossfire” airs weeknights on Fusion.