FX Unveils First Seven Minutes of ‘Fargo’ Ahead of Premiere (Video)

Coen brothers executive produce the 10-episode series, based on their Oscar-winning film of the same name

Curious if FX’s “Fargo” TV series can live up to the Oscar-winning movie that inspired it? The network is letting viewers watch the first seven minutes of the first episode before it premieres later this month.

The preview (above), which originally premiered on Yahoo!, begins with Billy Bob Thornton‘s ominous character driving toward the small Minnesota town where the show is set, while a life insurance salesman (“Sherlock’s” Martin Freeman) struggles to sell life insurance.

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“This show is about what happens when a civilized man meets a very uncivilized man, and it was our hope that we would create a cast that was a movie cast and not a television cast,” showrunner Noah Hawley previously said while describing the series. “We’re making a 10-hour movie.”

Expect plenty of violence, kidnapping, midwestern accents and the Coen brothers’ signature sense of humor — and that’s only the first seven minutes — when “Fargo” premieres on April 17.