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‘Game of Thrones’ Brutally Decapitates Yet Another Piracy Record With Season Finale

HBO’s dragons-and-swords drama continues to be a favorite among ethically challenged cheapskates

Once again, “Game of Thrones” has emerged triumphant as one of the most popular shows that people don’t want to pay for.

HBO’s dragons-and-swords drama set a new piracy record with its Sunday night season finale, according to Torrent Freak.

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A quarter million people shared a single file of the “Game of Thrones” finale, Torrent Freak said, and the finale racked up about 1.5 million pirated downloads during the first 12 hours since the finale premiered at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

“Game of Thrones” being popular among file-sharers is nothing new. The season finale broke the record held by a May episode of the show, which grabbed more than 200,000 sharers of a single file at the same time. And that episode broke a record that was previously held by — yup — “Game of Thrones.”

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Among the people who actually pay for HBO to watch the show, the “Game of Thrones” finale did pretty well, too; Sunday’s season sign-off drew 7.1 million viewers with its initial 9 p.m. airing, and a total of  9.3 million across three airings Sunday night.

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