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‘Game of Thrones’ Is Most-Tweeted-About Show of 2019, ‘SNL’ – Last Year’s No. 1 – Falls Off Top 10 List

Other popular series among Twitter users include ”Stranger Things,“ ”The Simpsons“ and ”La Casa de Papel“

In what comes as a shock to probably no one, “Game of Thrones” was the most-tweeted-about TV show of 2019, according to Twitter’s year-in-review data, which was released Monday. What might surprise you, however, is that “Saturday Night Live,” the show that came in at No. 1 on 2018’s list, was completely absent from this year’s Top 10 rankings.

Aside from HBO’s now-ended fantasy epic — which still managed to land in ninth place last year, without airing any new episodes — 2019’s most-tweeted about series also include, in order, “Stranger Things,”* “The Simpsons,”* “La Casa de Papel,”* “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Love Island,”* “Catfish: The TV Show,”* “Family Guy,”* “The Walking Dead” and “Narcos,”* according to Twitter data measured from Jan. 1 – Nov. 15.

(Note: We used an asterisk above to note the shows that made the Top 10 this year that did not have that honor last year.)

Along with “SNL,” 2018’s most-tweeted-about TV series that didn’t make the cut for 2019 include the now-canceled “Roseanne” (which ABC replaced with the Roseanne Barr-less spinoff, “The Conners”), as well as “Big Brother,” “The Voice,” “Live PD,” “Supernatural” and “Riverdale.”

Last year, Twitter based its annual review on the volume of tweets about a particular subject — like a TV show — but changed its methodology for the 2019 report. “Instead of ranking by overall tweet volume, we’re ranking by the number of people tweeting about each topic,” Twitter said in a statement. “We wanted to know what got the most people talking, not just what was the loudest.”

See below for 2019’s full Top 10 list, and under those numbers are 2018’s stats for your comparing/contrasting pleasure.

Most-Tweeted-About TV Shows of 2019:

1. Game of Thrones

2. Stranger Things

3. The Simpsons

4. La Casa de Papel

5. Grey’s Anatomy

6. Love Island

7. Catfish: The TV Show

8. Family Guy

9. The Walking Dead

10. Narcos

Most-Tweeted-About TV Shows of 2018:

1. Saturday Night Live

2. Roseanne

3. Grey’s Anatomy

4. The Walking Dead

5. Big Brother

6. The Voice

7. Live PD

8. Supernatural

9. Game of Thrones

10. Riverdale