‘Game of Thrones’: Vegas Sets Odds for Season 8 – Who Will Rule Westeros, Which Clegane Dies First?

Plus, will another Dany dragon die? And who’s gonna kill Cersei?

(Spoilers for the Season 7 finale of “Game of Thrones” exist below. Stop reading now if you have yet to watch “The Dragon and the Wolf.”)

The seventh season of “Game of Thrones” is in the books, and Cersei’s still sitting pretty on the Iron Throne. But with Jon Snow playing our protagonist, Las Vegas is betting we’ll have a new King of Westeros by the end of Season 8.

While the man also known as Aegon Targaryen is Bovada’s heavy favorite, gamblers have got other options. Here are the odds for pretty much everyone in the running to be the HBO epic’s new — and final — ruler:

Who will rule Westeros at the end of Season 8?
Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen       2/3
Daenerys Targaryen                   2/1
Jaime Lannister                         10/1
Tyrion Lannister                         20/1
Cersei Lannister                         25/1
Sansa Stark                              25/1
Arya Stark                                 50/1
Bran Stark                                 50/1
Night King                                 50/1
Varys                                        50/1
Euron Greyjoy                           100/1 

Bovada also knows there’s a big fan debate over whether “The Hound” or “The Mountain” Clegane will meet their maker first. Sticking with the death theme, there are also betting opportunities on the ultimate demise of Cersei.

Check out more prop bets:

#CLEGANEBOWL – Who will be killed or destroy first?
Sandor “The Hound” Clegane                 +300     (3/1)
Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane               -500     (1/5)

Who will kill Cersei Lannister?
Jaime Lannister                         1/2
Arya Stark                                 15/2
Tyrion Lannister                         15/2
Someone/Something else          5/2

Plus, are the dragons at least safe yet, or is another high-flyer going down? And finally, since we’re an entertainment trade publication (and that’s enough in the bloodshed department), there’s a good one about Season 8’s premiere ratings.

Bet the over, folks — and heavy.

Will another one of Daenerys’ dragons die?
Yes      +450     (9/2)
No        -800     (1/8)

How many viewers will tune in for the Season 8 premiere?
Over/Under: 11.5 million viewers