Kit Harington Struggles Not to React to Colbert’s Very Specific ‘Game of Thrones’ Ending Theories (Video)

“Late Show” host reads off guesses while demanding Jon Snow not tell him the answers

Kit Harington and the rest of the “Game of Thrones” cast have been doing press for a show they can barely talk about for years, so they are pretty hard to break when it comes to spoilers and experienced at giving interviews that barely touch on the show itself.

But on Tuesday’s “Late Show” — which aired the same day the trailer for “GoT’s” eighth and final season finally dropped — host Stephen Colbert decided he was going to push Harington as far as he could by reading his theories about how the HBO series ends aloud to the actor who plays Jon Snow.

“Look straight into the camera right there, I’ll say these and you try to convey no information as I make my guesses,” Colbert ordered Harington.

Among Colbert’s many theories for how the “Game of Thrones” finale ends were these gems: “somebody dies”; the credits roll and George R.R. Martin is inspired to finally finish “The Winds of Winter”; the last line is, “turns out the real game was how we made friends along the way”; they rip off “The Sopranos” cliffhanger.

OK, those were kind of lame, but then the CBS late-night host goes all in by revealing his final guess and prefacing it with this:

“This is the one I think. This is the one I hope. I’m hoping it’s gonna be this one so don’t betray anything, ’cause if this is the one that I want to have happened it will break my heart if you let me know that I’m right and it’s not a surprise to me. Do you understand? Convey no information. I know you’re an actor. I know the camera can read your mind and I know you’re trained to give me an emotional response, but please, do nothing with your face.”

“I’m very good at that as Jon Snow,” Harington replies, before trying to make it through Colbert’s final theory.

Watch the clip above to see where this goes.