‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Trailer Racks Up 81 Million Views in Its First 24 Hours, an HBO Record

The old record holder is, you guessed it, the last “Game of Thrones” trailer in 2017


Within the first 24 hours after winter arrived via the long-awaited trailer for the eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” on Tuesday, the video was viewed 81 million times across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube combined — setting a record for HBO.

And if you were wondering who was the prior record holder for HBO, you probably already know that answer: the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 trailer, all the way back in 2017. That one racked up a combined 61 million viewers across those three platforms.

The two-minute Season 8 trailer (which you can view here) begins with Arya Stark, terrified and running in the dark, saying in a voiceover, “I know death, he’s got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.”

The video then guides us through what we can expect when the show’s final season arrives next month — without giving too much away — including many teases of the Battle of Winterfell, which is supposed to be the longest battle sequence in cinematic history (both on the big and small screens).

Almost everyone makes it into at least one shot in the trailer, including Arya, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Bran Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Davos Seaworth, Jorah Mormont, Grey Worm, Missandei, Samwell Tarly, Podrick Payne, Gendry, Varys and The Hound.

A couple of glimpses of the final six episodes have been doled out in teeny, tiny chunks over the last few months in HBO “sneak peek” promos, which were compilations previewing multiple new and returning series.

The first came in August and showed a single quick shot of Sansa and Jon embracing, and the second aired during the Golden Globes earlier in January. That latter tease showed what fans assumed is more from the previous scene, with Sansa handing Winterfell over to Daenerys in their very first meeting — and not looking too happy about it.

The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” will premiere Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c on HBO.