‘Game of Thrones': Watch the Trailer for ‘Battle of the Bastards’ (Video)

Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are set to throw down in what could be the biggest “Game of Thrones” battle ever

Last Updated: June 13, 2016 @ 3:52 PM

After many weeks of build-up, the time has almost come for Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton to do battle, and HBO is getting “Game of Thrones” fans pumped up with a dramatic trailer for next week’s episode, titled “Battle of the Bastards.”

It’s Jon and his army of wildlings and minor houses against Ramsay and his legions of Bolton forces. Winner gets Winterfell and control of the North.

In the preview, we see that Jon is not fazed by Ramsay’s threats, but Sansa warns him that he is every bit as dangerous as his reputation suggests he is. But Jon’s lack of fear towards the battle may come from the fact that he no longer fears death.

We also see in the preview that Jon asks Melisandre not to revive him again if he doesn’t make it out of the battle alive. Jon has been clearly shellshocked by the experience of being killed by mutineers and then suddenly resurrected. Jon has faced hostile wildlings and White Walkers, but this will be his biggest test of strength yet.

Jon and Ramsay have taken very different roads to get to this point. He has risen to greatness without the Stark name, taking command of the beleaguered Night’s Watch and going on a journey beyond the Wall to befriend the wildlings for whom the rest of Westeros holds nothing but contempt.

Now, reunited with his half-sister after miraculously returning from the dead, he seeks to reclaim the beloved childhood home that he could never become lord of.

Ramsay, meanwhile, never came to terms with being a bastard son like Jon, and became the biggest monster Westeros has ever seen. Even when his father legitimized his birth, it wasn’t enough.

He could never prove to himself that he was more than a bastard. That’s why this season, he secured his control over the Boltons by killing his own father and newborn stepbrother. Now the Lord of Winterfell, he seeks to add more Stark forces to his list of kills.

Last season, fans and critics raved about the Battle of Hardhome, in which the wildlings and Night’s Watch did battle against the forces of the Night King. The man who directed that episode, Miguel Sapochnik, has returned to direct “Battle of the Bastards,” as well as the June 26 season finale.

These final two episodes may give Ramsay Bolton the brutal death fans have been longing to see for years… or it could leave the North vulnerable to the looming threat of the White Walkers.

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