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‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Left Gasping After Season Finale Sets Endgame in Motion

There’s only so many ways we can type ‘holy crap’

Tonight on “Game of Thrones,” the series endgame finally, really, kicked off. The Night King breached the Wall, the final factions opposing him (mostly) coalesced to beat him back, [SPOILER] finally, finally, hooked it up with [SPOILER], and of course, practically every major character still surviving met and occupied the same space for what might be the first time. Hang on, we need to catch our breath.

Hopefully, everyone is OK, because on the real, we’re eating baby aspirin and nitroglycerin after tonight’s episode. And the Internet is no different. Read on for a sampling of how social media is reeling after one of the most intense episodes of “Game of Thrones” ever.