‘Game of Thrones’ Goes Gotye with Parody Music Video ‘A Character I Used to Know’ (Video)

In the "Somebody That I Used to Know" parody, two fans detail their horrified reactions to author George R.R. Martin's decision to kill off their favorite characters

"Game of Thrones" fans know all too well that creator George R.R. Martin is not kind to his characters. 

And now, two viewers marathoning the first season of the series have written a song to the tune of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" in order to voice their frustration.

Not Literally Productions' "A Character I Used to Know" parodies the hit HBO show's first round of fatalities, which include King Robert Baratheon, Khal Drogo, and most famously, Ned Stark. 

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et's hope these two songbirds (one with an uncanny resemblance to Arya Stark actress, Maise Williams) 
can toughen up before watching the "Red Wedding" unfold at the tail end of Season 3.

Here's the video: