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‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Law & Order’ Mashup Spells Trouble for Peter Dinklage (Video)

Opening credits and dramatic trial scene feature favorites from both franchises

By now, there have been plenty of mashups of popular shows, twisting genres on their heads and forcing fans to look at their favorite series in new ways. The trial of Tyrion Lannister, portrayed by Peter Dinklage, on “Game of Thrones” opened the door for one of the best yet.

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After all, there is no more appropriate time to do a mashup of George R.R. Martin‘s epic HBO fantasy with Dick Wolf‘s classic crime procedural, “Law & Order.”

The opening sequence featured all the players in the trial — though apparently Dinklage is just a guest star for this episode — and Ice-T, for some reason. Probably because it’s completely ridiculous to think of him on “GoT.”

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Even better, the intro sequence was followed by an actual scene from this hybrid “Law & Order: Game of Thrones.” In it, Dinklage decried the justice he would receive in the court of his father to shocked expressions from the Lannisters, as well as cast members from all of the various “Law & Order” shows. Mariska Hargitay could not believe what she was hearing.