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‘Game of Thrones’ Makes A Decent Sitcom (Video)

YouTube video samples the "Seinfeld" template to preview the dramatic HBO series as a sitcom

What's weirder than a sitcom with no laugh track?  A violent hour-long drama with one instead!

Sampling the signature style of "Seinfeld", a YouTube video previews what "Game of Thrones" would look like as a sitcom.  Turns out, it's a pretty good one.  Or at least better than half of those that are inevitably cancelled every season.

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Adding a little music and a few laughs only highlight the punchlines that are already there and turn any dramatic tension into slapstick buffoonery.

If you've ever laughed at the sight of Kramer duking it out with his short, ill-tempered friend Mickey Abbott, then you should be equally amused to see Tyrion Lannister slap around his young and incredibly unlikable nephew, Joffrey.

Since the first teaser trailer for the third season of the HBO hit didn't actually feature any footage, just pretend this is what you have to look forward to when the fantasy series returns on March 31, 2013.