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GameStop Shuts Down Stores Due To Coronavirus After All

California stores to close in accordance with Governor Newsom’s order

Just hours after fighting to stay open amid the coronavirus pandemic, gaming retailer GameStop will close all of its stores in California.

Kotaku first reported the news. GameStop said in a statement that it would keep the stores closed until further direction from Gov. Gavin Newsom, who issued a “Safer at Home” order last night.

GameStop argued yesterday that its stores provided “essential” equipment to those working from home — it does sell microphones and communication equipment in addition to games, after all — and wrote an internal memo to staff encouraging managers to defy any orders from local law enforcement to close shop. But the company decided to obey Newsom’s call and shut down its estimated TKTKTK stores in the state Thursday evening.

GameStop did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s requests for comment.

It’s not a good time for any business directed to pause operations, but the fact GameStop fought to keep its California stores open for so long was perhaps because the company’s finances are currently in trouble. In September, GameStop announced it would close 200 “under-performing” stores across the country. Its most recent third quarter earnings report issued in December, GameStop noted a 25.7% decrease in its global sales and an adjusted net loss of $83.4 million.