Gary Johnson Delivers Best Donald Trump Diss of the Week

“He’s seeing how high the Mexican pole vaulters go,” Libertarian nominee says

Gary Johnson Aleppo Foreign Leader

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, took a shot at Donald Trump’s proposed plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, joking that the GOP nominee is terrified Mexican pole vaulters in Rio might jump too high.

“I hear that Donald Trump is watching the Olympics tonight. He’s seeing how high the Mexican pole vaulters go,” Johnson told the Reno Gazette-Journal on Friday.

Trump has promised to build a “strong, tall, beautiful wall” along the country’s southern border to prevent undocumented immigrants from entering the U.S. from Mexico.

It’s going to be not only big beautiful and tall, but extremely cheap since, of course, he plans on forcing Mexico to foot the bill. Natch, both the former and current presidents of Mexico have made it clear, they would rather chew glass than pay for Trump’s, and we quote, “f–king wall.”

Johnson took aim at Clinton too, calling both the Democratic and the Republican nominees for president “the two most polarizing figures in American politics today.”

“If Clinton is elected or if Trump is going to get elected, I think the polarization in Congress will be greater than ever,” Johnson said, adding that, “nothing is going to get done. It is going to be so ugly, so partisan, so back-biting.”

A recent McClatchy-Marist poll shows Johnson with 23 percent of millennial votes while Trump scored a meager nine percent among young Americans below the age of 30.