Tony Hale Reprises ‘Veep’ Role as Bumbling Assistant to Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump (Video)

He’s got a bag full of McDonald’s cheeseburgers and Diet Coke

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump has got himself a new assistant to help him through the pain and suffering of the impeachment hearings: Tony Hale’s “Veep” character, Gary.

As fans of the now-ended HBO series will remember, Gary waited on narcissistic politician Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) hand and thought she could do no wrong. And since its been a few months since the series finale aired, Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” was the perfect time for Hale to reprise his role, this time serving as Trump’s bumbling assistant.

In the sketch above, Fallon’s Trump is hosting “Impeachment After Dark Live!,” the “only show that recaps the very mean, very nasty things that Democrats said about me at today’s impeachment hearings.”

Yes, he stole the idea of Andy Cohen or, as he calls him, “Opposite Mike Pence.”

Trump goes over why he’s totally not worried about everything said during the hearings, adding: “I’ll be president for four more years, then I’ll do eight years as Kanye’s VP. And then I’ll finally harden into a ball of hairspray and get laid to rest on a Florida golf course.”

That’s when he starts coughing and screams for water from his new assistant. Hale comes out as Gary and attempts to hand him a bottle of water, but Trump still wants “water,” which is apparently actually Diet Coke. Gary then searches through several McDonald’s cheeseburgers in his bag until he finds the soda.

“So in summary, if you’re still wondering if I’m guilty, all i have to say is, read the transcript,” Trump says.

“Read the transcript,” Gary repeats.

Now Trump is off to see President Hair Dragon of Turkey. “It’s Erdoğan,” Gary says.

Yeah, POTUS still can’t say it. “He’s the president of Turkey, folks, so I have to do it fast before he’s eaten on Thanksgiving.”