Gaspin: Leave Jay Leno Alone!

NBC chief says other late-night hosts have “crossed the line” with their jokes at The Chin’s expense

Jeff Gaspin is coming to Jay Leno’s defense.

The NBC U TV Entertainment chairman is accusing other late-night hosts of "crossing the line" in their anti-Jay jokes this week, according to a report in Saturday’s Los Angeles Times.

"There’s a certain amount of kidding that goes on between these personalities which can often be funny. But this has definitely crossed the line," Gaspin told the paper in a prepared statement. "Jay is the consummate professional and one of the hardest-working people in television. It’s a shame that he’s being pulled into this."

As TheWrap’s Media Alley reported earlier this week, Leno has suddenly become an object of scorn and ridicule– not just among other hosts, but with vocal portions of the online universe.