Gatekeepers Must Be Willing to Cede Power to Diversify Hollywood, Latinx Advocate Says (Video)

BE Conference 2020: ”Until the executive leadership of this industry and the board seats are filled with what America looks like, we will not see the change that we need,“ LA Collab co-founder Ivette Rodriguez says

Hollywood has made some strides in recent years toward sharing the stories and featuring the talent of underrepresented creatives — but until longstanding gatekeepers are willing to cede power, the industry writ large is “never going to move forward,” said Ivette Rodriguez, the co-founder of LA Collab, an impact group advancing Latino access and representations in the entertainment industry.

Speaking at TheWrap’s 2020 BE Conference on Wednesday alongside Color of Change Vice President Arisha Michelle Hatch and “Pose” star Hailie Sahar, Rodriguez didn’t mince words when evaluating Hollywood’s progress toward diversifying the entertainment and media industry.

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J. Clara Chan

Media and politics reporter • • Twitter: @jclarachan