Gawker Media to Sell Flagship Site, Hulk Hogan to Receive 45 Percent of Proceeds

Univision paid $135 million for Gawker Media’s other brands last year

Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Nobody Speak

More than a year after shutting down, the domain name is for sale, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Advisers overseeing the Gawker Media LLC bankruptcy estate have started exploring possibly a possible sale of the flagship site, which will include the Gawker brand, domain name, social media accounts and all archived stories, the Journal wrote.

In addition, the paper wrote that Hulk Hogan — who won a defamation lawsuit against the site that sent its parent company into bankruptcy will receive 45 percent of the proceeds.

Last year, Univision purchased Gawker Media’s other brands, including Jezebel, Gizmodo, Deadspin, Lifehacker, Jalopnik and Kotaku.

Univision paid $135 million but didn’t obtain, which had received a ton of negative press after Hogan successfully sued the site for releasing a portion of a sex tape that featured the former WWE star and was awarded $115 million.

Gawker Media settled with Hogan for $31 million and the wrestling legend is also entitled to 45 percent of any proceeds if is sold.

Dacarba LLC  is seeking an investment bank to assist in the sale process. “We have begun the process of how to monetize the residual Gawker brand,” Dacarba managing director Will Holden told the Journal.

Billionaire Peter Thiel, who was once exposed as being a gay man by Gawker, famously funded Hogan’s lawsuit.