Gawker Unearths JournoList Archives – Dave Weigel Is Not Impressed

Dave Weigel responds to Gawker's reveal of the email listserv that got him fired from the Washington Post

Remember JournoList? Ezra Klein's email listserv of liberal-leaning journalists who thought everything they said was off the record until 2010, when Dave Weigel was caught saying mean things about Matt Drudge on it, lost his job at the Washington Post, and then Klein shut the whole thing down?

Well, it's back!

Gawker got its hands on 300 pages' worth of the JournoList archives, and threw them up on its site with a "have at it," seemingly spending more time on the lead art (a collage of photos of the various journalists on the list) than it did on the post itself.

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"I'm never impressed by these info dumps," Weigel (left) told TheWrap, adding that the post seemed "slapdash" and the emails revealed fairly mundane. "They really didn't manage to find any diamonds," he said.

Weigel did make sure to point out that in general, he's a fan of Gawker's work and checks the site every day.