Gene Simmons Doubles Down on Working Mother Comments: ‘I Stand by Every Word I Said’

Kiss frontman spars with Harry Connick Jr. over females balancing children and careers

Gene Simmons
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Gene Simmons isn’t holding his famously elongated tongue when it comes to his thoughts on working women.

The Kiss frontman, who drew wrath on Twitter earlier this week for asserting that women can’t have it both ways when it comes to children and careers, stood by that stance in an interview with Harry Connick Jr., scheduled to air on Monday’s episode of Connick’s show “Harry.”

In the interview, Connick brought up the attention-grabbing stance, telling Simmons, “There are certain things in the book that I think are valuable but I did take issue with a couple of them and I just want to get your opinion … So it says, ‘Get over your biological urges. It’s natural to want to have kids but sorry you can’t have it both ways. You have to commit to either career or family. It’s very difficult to have both.’”

Simmons insisted that he is pro-woman, but refused to back off of his stance.

“Listen ladies I’m on your side. Point one, I want all countries to be ruled by women there will be less war,” Simmons said.

“Stay with me, point two if you are 20-years-old or 25-years-old, my opinion is you shouldn’t be looking to have a child if you are looking to have a career,” Simmons continued. ” You are going to be hurting yourself. You are going to be hurting the child because your biological urges and the love for your children will take you out of the marketplace and those guys are not going  to wait for you to catch up, they are going to far out distance you. I stand by every word I said in that book.

Simmons added, “I want everybody here to be rich and if you’re going to stay at home and take care of your children which is a matter of the heart, you’re not going to be out in the marketplace making lots more money. So these are your choices.”

Connick countered Simmons’ assertion, telling the musician, “I have to disagree with you only based on the women in my life that had children at a young age and went on to make a lot of money.”

“You’re talking about superwomen and wonder women, which I respect and admire them,” Simmons responded.

“Hold on Gene, all women are superwomen,” Connick replied.

Simmons caught heat when his comments were published by the New York Post on Sunday.

“Gene, a woman can do it if she has a real man, an honest, loyal partner in life who support s & shares the responsibilities. Avoid narcissist. Together U can work as a well oiled machine. Married 34yrs,” read one response.

“Like I care what this 70s rock star who wouldn’t commit to his playmate girlfriend and mother of his children thinks about woman and what we can or cannot do,” read another reply.