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Gene Simmons Tweets Female-Empowerment Message, Gets Dragged Over Fox News Ban

”Future female leaders – kick the world in the ass and make it change,“ Kiss frontman writes, after being axed from news outlet for reported crude behavior toward female staffers

For a career musician, Gene Simmons’ timing seemed to be a little off this week — at least on Twitter.

Kiss frontman Simmons, who’s reputation with the ladies hasn’t exactly been hotter than hell lately, attempted to get on the good side of things Thursday with a message of female empowerment.

Unfortunately for Simmons, the message came just a day after he received a lifetime ban from Fox News for, among other things, reportedly speaking crudely to female network staffers and hitting two of them on the head with a copy of the new book he’s promoting.

In an added dose of irony, Simmons’ female-empowerment message came wrapped in a promotion for that very same book.

“Future female leaders – kick the world in the ass and make it change,” Simmons wrote, with a Barnes and Noble link to the book, “On Power.”

The tweet was accompanied by a quote, presumably from the book, reading, “Quite frankly, the world would be a better place if the leaders of all the countries of the world were women.”

Commenters weren’t exactly licking it up.

“If you believe this, then why did you get kicked out of Fox?” read one response.

“Are you proud of how you treat people? Shameful to be banned from a building for treating people so poorly and rude,” went another reply.

Other commenters threw Simmons’ own words back at him, referencing a headline grabbing quote from a New York Post interview published earlier this week, in which Simmons expounded on working mothers, declaring, “It’s natural to want to have kids, but, sorry, you can’t have it both ways. You have to commit to either career or family.”

“But can they have kids now, Gene,” one commenter asked.

“Just don’t have kids,” quipped another.

And yet another commenter appeared to have a problem with Simmons espousing female empowerment in the first place.

“Lay off the estrogen Gene. You’re lactating,” the Simmons critic groused.

Hmm; maybe that’s yet another gimmick that Simmons could work into his live act.