George Clooney Rushed to Hospital After Motor Scooter Accident in Italy

Star is in Italy shooting Hulu TV series “Catch-22”

george clooney
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George Clooney was rushed to a hospital in Italy on Tuesday after his motor scooter was struck by a car, the Associated Press reported.

The John Paul II hospital in Olbia, Italy, told the AP that the Oscar-winning star was released on Tuesday after treatment for undisclosed injuries.

Local daily La Nuova Sardegna said actor-director had been headed to a film set on Tuesday when his motorbike was hit by a car near Costa Corallina on the island of Sardinia.

“George was treated and released from an Olbia hospital,” Clooney’s rep said in a statement. “He is recovering at home and will be fine.”

Clooney, 57, has been in Italy shooting a Hulu miniseries adaptation of Joseph Heller’s satirical World War II novel “Catch-22.”

In April, the streaming network announced that Kyle Chandler would replace Clooney in the co-lead role of Col. Cathcart in the series so that Clooney could concentrate on producing and directing the limited series.

Clooney is playing Scheisskopf, a training commander at a cadet school in California who is obsessed with winning parade tournaments and known as a general idiot who makes the enlisted men’s lives a living hell.

Christopher Abbott (“Girls”) stars as Yossarian, a bombardier for the U.S. Air Force during the war who faces a constant struggle of serving in the armed forces and doing what he must in order to survive.

Heller’s novel was previously adapted into a 1970 feature film starring Alan Arkin, Martin Balsam and Art Garfunkel.