George Clooney Introduces His ‘Monuments Men’ Star Dad to David Letterman (Video)

Clooney revealed his father, Nick, who plays an older version of his character at the end of the movie

George Clooney introduced his father, Nick Clooney, to David Letterman on Tuesday after explaining the difficulties of directing him in a small role at the end of “Monuments Men.”

“I put my father in the end of the film sort of playing me as an old man — which is a stretch,” Clooney said during “The Late Show” interview (above). “I have to say, it’s not easy to direct your father. He had one line, like I think he had to say, ‘Yeah.’”

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Although the line was simple enough, Clooney emphasized that telling his father how to say it was not.

“He just kept doing the exact same thing. I realized that he wasn’t going to take direction from his son. This goes way back to childhood I think,” Clooney joked. “And so finally, I directed him in a different direction, and he did something opposite of that, which was perfect.”

Clooney’s father is no stranger to show business, however. The former Kentucky news anchor  hosted his own local variety show,  “The Nick Clooney Show,” in Ohio in the late ’60s and early ’70s. He also hosted ABC’s short-lived game show “The Money Maze” before returning to television news.

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Since his parents were in town for the New York City premiere of Clooney’s World War II drama, which hits theaters this weekend,  the older Clooney appeared on camera from backstage.

“I kind of think I remember him from his broadcasting days in Cincinnati and also I think he worked in Dayton for a while,” Letterman said.

“I’ve been fired from most of the major cities in the United States,” the former anchorman responded.