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George Clooney Launches PSA Combating All the ‘Dumbf—ery’ He Sees (Video)

The world — especially Washington, DC — needs UDUMASS

George Clooney dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday to do his part combating all of this “rampant dumbf—ery” he sees — especially on social media and within the White House.

“Tragically…the volumes of invaluable knowledge gathered over centuries are now threatened by an epidemic of dumb f—ing idiots saying dumb f—ing s—,” Clooney says in an ABC PSA.

Cut to a video of President Trump saying something absurd about windmills.

To combat this dangerous trend, Clooney is launching a new coalition: the United to Defeat Untruthful Misinformation And Support Science, or UDUMASS. (We’ll help that read easier with some spacing: U DUM ASS.)

And contributions to the cause can add up: “Just $20 will convince one f—ing idiot that climate change is real,” Clooney said.

Feeling more generous? “$50 will teach five brainless dumbf—s to vaccinate their kids,” he implored.

For those in Clooney’s tax bracket: “$200 will teach 10 dips— knuckle-draggers that dinosaurs existed, but not at the same time as people,” the “Catch-22” actor and executive producer said.

Watch the video above, you dumbass.

“Don’t be a f—ing idiot, the world needs your support,” Clooney concluded.

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