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Golden Globes DeMille Award Recipient George Clooney on Paris Attacks: ‘We Won’t Walk in Fear’ (Video)

Actor, director and philanthropist receives the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award

George Clooney received the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Cecil B. DeMille award at Sunday’s Golden Globes and reflected on his career, new marriage and the French terror attacks in a short and sweet acceptance speech.

“Today was an extraordinary day,” Clooney said of worldwide marches in the wake of the shootings and hostage situations plaguing France, “they were Christians, and Jews and Muslims, they were world leaders, and they weren’t marching in protest, but in the spirit that we won’t walk in fear.”

Clooney closed with “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”), the popular support cry for the victims of the shooting at French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

An emotional moment came when George referenced his new bride Amal, saying “it’s humbling to find somebody to love, especially when you’ve been waiting your whole life. Amal, whatever alchemy brought us together, I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband.”

Clooney spoke of the “pattern” he noticed as a frequent nominee, that you lose more often than not and people tend to walk on eggshells after.

“For the record, if you are in the room, you’ve caught the brass ring, ” he said.

“I have no idea what hardware Robin Williams took home, but I do remember ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Seize the day boys,'” said Clooney, referencing the late comedy legend and his film “Dead Poets Society.”