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George Lopez Doubles Down on Leaving the US After Trump Victory: ‘I’m Gonna Rent First’

Comedian is seemingly sticking to his pledge to leave the country if Donald Trump won election

Most stars who threatened to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected President were probably joking. But at least one is doubling down on the vow.

Comedian George Lopez told TMZ way back in 2015 that if Trump won, he’d move to Mexico, saying: “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration; we’ll all go back.”

A hyperbolic threat, to be sure, but one that he appears to be sticking to, at least jokingly, after the seemingly impossible happened on Tuesday night.

“I’m gonna Rent first #pelosmelapela , get to know the schools #ohcanada #mexico,” the comedian said on Instagram the day after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. “California legalized Marijuana- I need something stronger #Whitehorse ??’? #whitelines blow away !”

However, seeing anti-Trump protests pop up across the country appeared to have bolstered his spirits a bit.

“Proud to see that overnight @realdonaldtrump #pelosmelapela has people united across the country #ftp I’m not leaving yet this shits getting good , maybe I’ll start with a timeshare who wants In ! #notmypresident,” he said Thursday morning.

“#pelosmelapela,” the hashtag the comedian has been using consistently in relation to the president-elect, roughly translates to “f-ck off, hairdo.”

Lopez, of course, was not alone in threatening to leave the country if Trump were elected.

Chelsea Handler reversed her previous determination to leave, tweeting Thursday morning: “Yesterday, my staff reminded me that platforms and voices like mine are needed more than ever; leaving the country is quitting. #keepfightin”

Bryan Cranston, who has also said he would move to avoid a Trump presidency, also struck a somber tone post-election, tweeting, “Although shocked and disappointed by the outcome, I hope the pres-elect will work to unify our wounded country. I sincerely wish him success.”