George Lopez Canceled: ‘I Lost Some Work Because I’m Brown’ (Video)

The TBS host jokes about the end of his talk show

George Lopez had fun Wednesday with the announcement that TBS had canceled his late-night talk show, comparing his predicament to the one Charlie Sheen went through earlier this year.

"My goddesses are a wreck," he joked during the penultimate opening monologue of "Lopez Tonight."

The comedian also said he'd deal with the cancellation the way every other TV star before him has when their shows are canceled: through the healing powers of crack.

"I'm going to get on the pipe, and lose that unwanted 110 pounds I've been trying to lose," he said.

Lopez also riffed on Sony's decision to make a sequel of its hit film "The Smurfs," in which he does the voice for Grouchy Smurf. "So, today, I lost some work because I'm brown, but I also got some work because I'm blue," he deadpanned.

The final episode of "Lopez Tonight" airs Thursday at midnight.