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George Lucas Joins Jon Stewart to Celebrate Fox News ‘Solar Eclipse’ of Accurate Reporting (Video)

The ”Daily Show“ host bought a cake for Megyn Kelly for getting it ”right three times in ten years“

Jon Stewart thinks its cause for celebration when Fox News accurately reports on an issue, and even invited George Lucas to join the party.

On Thursday’s “Daily Show,” Stewart kicked off the fiesta with a cake he bought Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to mark the occasion of urging caution only three times in ten years on the air.

“They got it right three times in ten years. Those are solar eclipse numbers, people!” Stewart said. “Which is why I think it’s recommended you only watch Fox News through a tiny pinhole poked in a piece of cardboard.”

Stewart went on to say that “liberal Hollywood” is going to do something special for Fox to celebrate the accuracy of their coverage. “Star Wars” creator George Lucas appeared in a taped segment, saying that he will now only make movies that are “blindly uncritical” of America.

Lucas then rattled off a few of his new films’ titles, like “The Empire Strikes Back, Justifiably,” “American Exceptionalism Graffiti,” and “Star Wars: The Clinton Menace.”

Watch the video.

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