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George Takei Blasts Donald Trump on Same-Sex Marriage: 3 Wives Isn’t Traditional

”Donald Trump’s interpretation of marriage is something that he himself doesn’t really believe in,“ actor and LGBT activist says

George Takei took Donald Trump to task Monday on the GOP presidential candidate’s opposition to same-sex marriage, telling MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Trump contradicts himself in his arguments.

Recounting a lunch conversation he had with Trump on the subject two years ago, Takei, who appeared on Trump’s “The Apprentice,” told the story of Trump attending a same-sex marriage, saying what a nice time and what a “beautiful marriage” it was.

“That is not traditional-I approve of his three time marriage because you want to find the person that you love, but the important thing here is to understand is that our democracy is a dynamic democracy, and our constitution is a living document–it’s not carved in stone,” Takei said on Trump’s three marriages.

“I think Donald Trump’s interpretation of marriage is something that he  himself doesn’t really believe in,” adding Trump’s idea of marriage goes against what it’s really about–two people loving and committing to each other.

He also said he thinks the real estate mogul is like every other Republican candidate.

“I think he’s a businessman-he will go with the wind; he’s saying that because he’s gotta win the Republican primary and his base is really the far right wing.”

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