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Georgia Lawmaker to Resign After Screaming the N-Word on Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

Rep. Jason Spencer appeared in a segment of Sunday’s episode in which he also exposed himself

Jason Spencer, the Georgia state representative who yelled the N-word and exposed his buttocks on the most recent episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?,” plans to resign from office.

Spencer wrote to Georgis House Speaker David Ralston Tuesday that he will step down effective July 31, CNN reported.

Spencer, a Republican from Woodbine in southeast Georgia, appeared in a segment on Sunday’s episode alongside Cohen, who played a character named Col. Erran Morad, a purported Israeli anti-terrorism expert.

In the scene, Cohen told Spencer that he could protect himself from people wearing hijabs by pretending to be a Chinese tourist and using a selfie stick to take “upskirt” photos. Following his instructions, Spencer recited an incoherent string of Asian-related words, few of which were actually Chinese.

Cohen also tricked Spencer into repeatedly shouting the N-word in a fake exercise designed to thwart a kidnapping attempt by ISIS. At another point, Spencer pulled down his pants when Cohen told him that the threat of a male buttock could stop ISIS agents, who fear contact with buttocks will turn them “homosexual.”

Spencer said Monday in a statement to the Washington Post that Cohen “took advantage of my paralyzing fear that my family would be attacked.”

“I deeply regret the language I used at his request as well as my participation in the ‘class’ in general. If I had not been so distracted by my fears, I never would have agreed to participate in the first place,” Spencer continued.

However, despite being denounced by a number of prominent Georgia politicians, including Gov. Nathan Deal, Spencer initially refused to resign.

Watch the “Who Is America?” clip below.

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