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Geraldo Rivera on NearlyNudieGate: Fox News Made Me Take Selfie Down (Video)

Tequila now exposed as Rivera's drink of choice that night

Fifty-year-old-looking seventy-year-old Geraldo Rivera has shed more light on his decision to post that bizarre nearly nude selfie to Twitter on Sunday morning — and why he deleted it several hours later: Fox News told him to.

Wearing significantly more clothing than he was in the photo, the Fox News correspondent told New York City radio hosts Scott & Todd on Monday that, while he tweeted that he thought he wife, Erica, would "be pissed" at his revealing post, it was actually his teenage daughter and his employers who demanded that he remove it.

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"I woke up and it was my eighteen-year-old … she had written me in all caps 'TAKE THAT THING DOWN RIGHT NOW!'" Rivera said.

The photo stayed up against her wishes — until Rivera heard from his employers at Fox News.

"I just heard from Fox to take it down," he said. "I hadn't heard the next sentence yet."

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Though Rivera deleted the photo, it was far too late and the viral damage was already done. 

Asked what his "drink of choice" was that fateful night, Rivera responded: "this weekend was tequila … I never do tequila when I'm alone … by the second one, my fate was sealed." Rivera said on his own radio show that he merely had "a drink" at the time of his tweet.

Rivera declined the radio hosts' offer to show him how to use Instagram.

Watch the video: