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Geraldo Rivera and Roland Martin Battle Over Hip-Hop ‘Political Correctness’ (Video)

”50 Cent survived nine shots, so he’s a hero?“ Rivera says to NewsOne Now host

Fresh off his “Celebrity Apprentice” finale loss, Geraldo Rivera continued his campaign against hip-hop Thursday, clashing with NewsOne Now host Roland Martin over the effect the genre is having on minorities.

“50 Cent survived nine shots, so he’s a hero?” Rivera angrily asked Martin, suggesting people have started idolizing a culture that’s all about guns and violence. “At some point you have to cop to the fact that these examples have been counterproductive to young people. Do you want your teenager to grow up to be like Tupac?”

Martin shot back, suggesting white celebrities get arrested too and there’s a different type of violence Geraldo should be concerned about.

“Tell me what is more violent than the economic violence of Wall Street against America?” Martin asked. “When you suggest that hip-hop somehow has done more damage than racism… that’s utter nonsense.”

Rivera caused a media firestorm this week by suggesting hip-hop is crippling minorities: “Hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last 10 years,” he said on HuffPost Live Tuesday.

Watch the video below: