Geraldo Rivera Calls NRA ‘Full of Sh-t’ After San Bernardino Shootings

Media personality calls Wednesday’s fatal rampage a “severe escalation of mass violence”

Geraldo Rivera
Getty Images

Geraldo Rivera took aim at the National Rifle Association on Wednesday after the deadly shooting at San Bernardino, California, calling the gun-rights organization “full of shit.”

“The NRA is full of shit,” Rivera tweeted Wednesday, amid a lengthy twitter vent about the shooting, which left 14 dead and 17 injured.

Rivera also said that the incident represented “a severe escalation of mass violence,” and suggested a unique form of punishment for the suspects.

“If really 3 shooters, then this is a severe escalation of mass violence in USA. My hunch is there is 1 shooter who inflicted horrible mayhem,” Rivera tweeted, adding, “‘find locate and apprehend the suspects’ then tear out their eyeballs and take their long guns and shove them up their asses.”

Rivera was quick to label the incident “terrorism,” saying that situations like this are “our future” and praising the swift action of law enforcement.

“This is terrorism. Make no mistake regardless of the identity or race or the ethnicity of the killer(s) this is Terrorism.This is our future,” Rivera wrote. “Bravo California cops take down the terrorist scum just hours after savage murders of innocents. That’s the message. Don’t tread on us.”

The shooting took place at approximately 11 a.m. at Inland Regional Center, a facility offering services to the developmentally disabled. At a shooutout hours later, two of the suspects were believed taken down, with a possible third suspect at large.