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Geraldo Rivera ‘Can’t Allow Celebrity’ to Keep Him From Reporting in Baltimore

”What do you want? Do you want me to stay home?“ Fox News host says after clash with rioters

Geraldo Rivera doesn’t take lightly to being called an agitator in Baltimore. During an appearance on Washington’s WBAL, the Fox News host said he can’t let how big a star he is prevent him from reporting in tense places.

“You’ve been mixing it up with ‘agitators,’ as you call them,” radio host Bryan Nehman said to Rivera.

“I am a lightning rod in that regard, but I can’t allow my celebrity to prevent me from doing my job,” Rivera said, insisting that he didn’t start the confrontation with “those young people who were so aggressive” with him on Tuesday night.

Rivera and a protestor almost came to blows during the incident as the protestor was blocking Rivera’s camera shot. Nehman pressed him on whether he was inciting people by reporting after the 10 p.m. ET curfew.

“What do you want? Do you want me to stay home?” Rivera shot back. “I can’t be a reporter because my mere presence incites some people?”

The media attention on Baltimore has been all consuming since Monday, which was the worst night of protests so far. A curfew was instituted Tuesday, leading to mostly peaceful protests.

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