Geraldo Rivera Sued by Former Agency WME

The agency says the recent selfie star hasn’t paid commissions since 2010

Nearly-nude selfie star Geraldo Rivera could lose his shirt again.

William Morris Endeavor sued Geraldo Rivera on Tuesday, claiming that the Fox News “Geraldo At Large” host hasn’t paid commissions since 2010. WME has repped Rivera since 1985, and negotiated his 2005 and 2009 Fox News contracts, according to the suit.

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Though Rivera was supposed to give 10 percent of his earnings through those contracts to WME, the agency claims he stopped paying it in January 2010.

Rivera apparently sees things differently, telling New York Daily News that he would pay WME over “my dead body.”

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“No way I’m going to pay them one penny — ever!” he ranted.

Rivera says he has paid his commissions — but to his agent James Griffin, who left WME for Paradigm in 2010.