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Gerard Depardieu Takes the Piss in Parody of Airline Incident (video)

The French actor recreates the scene, dressed as the French cartoon character, Obelix

Remember last month when French actor Gerard Depardieu got in trouble for pissing on the floor of an Air France flight to Dublin?

The man has a sense of humor. He re-staged the event dressed as the classic French cartoon character, Obelix, an avid eater of wild boar. His actual colleague on the plane, Edouard Baer, played the heroic Asterix

The video has become a viral hit in France. We provide translations below.


Obelix (Gerard Depardieu) and Asterix (Edouard Baer):

Obelix (Depardieu): “I need a wild boar (sanglier)!”

Flight attendant: “After the takeoff, Monsieur.”

Obelix: “I can’t wait I need one now! I’m too hungry.”

Passenger: “You think you can get away with anything…”

Obelix (Eduard Baer): “Vegetarian.” (Obelix dashes off camera)

Off camera: “Oh my God, that’s disgusting!”

“Ladies and Gentleman I’m sorry to tell you because of a Frenchman who made a mess everywhere we will need to land.”

Editor's note: the first version of this mixed up the two characters, now corrected. TheWrap regrets the error.