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‘Get Out’ Mashup with Trump White House is Terrifying, Hilarious (Video)

Funny or Die released “Get Out (of the White House)” based on Jordan Peele’s horror movie

“I am the least racist person that you have ever met,” the POTUS has famously said — but a mashup of the Trump administration with “Get Up” seems to think otherwise.

Jordan Peele may have a sequel up his sleeve in “Get Out (Of the White House),” a Funny or Die mashup of Peele’s “Get Out” and choice clips of President Trump, his daughter Ivanka and, for good measure, Kanye West.

The result: a confirmation of many people’s belief that the Trump presidency is something of a horror movie.

There are flashes of Ivanka talking about not wanting to “subject her boyfriends” to scrutiny, along side clips of Daniel Kaluuya asking if her dad knows he’s black. What follows are disturbing images of the Trump boys hunting and Melania Trump looking hypnotized as she stirs a cup of tea. And then there’s Kanye — uh huh — saying not to pay attention to anything you see on the news. Nope! Nothing creepy here!

Sequel or no, this probably won’t be the last time “Get Out” ends up resembling reality.

Watch the video from Funny or Die above.