‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Drops F-Bomb on ‘Live With Kelly’ (Video)

“SNL” actress should probably be used to live TV at this point

Come on, Leslie Jones — you’re no stranger to live television.

The “Ghostbusters” star and “Saturday Night Live” player stopped by “Live With Kelly” on Tuesday, when she accidentally slipped an F-bomb into her interview. The specific part of the conversation was all about the comedian’s difficulties getting a dress for her summer blockbuster’s premiere. Apparently, designers didn’t want to provide a gown.

“I picked up the phone, and I was like, ‘Oh man, I can’t believe these designers are not f–kin’ with me,’” Jones said, immediately catching herself and apologizing.

“It’s OK. We got it. That got bleeped, I know it,” Ripa assured her. And as far as those difficult designers: “You know what? They’re all gonna call you now,” the ABC host added.

Watch the video above. The F-bomb comes at the 9:38 mark.

“Ghostbusters” floats into theaters on Friday.