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Gibson’s A**hole Rant Remix

Music video compilation of Mel’s P.R. disasters

Mel Gibson’s career rehab has hit a few speed bumps. "Edge of Darkness," his return to the big screen after an eight year hiatus grossed a respectable $17 million last weekend.

But his publicity tour for the film keeps going off the rails. 

An interview with KTLA-TV’s Sam Rubin last week dissolved into a testy exchange that left the entertainment reporter visibly shaken.

Then later in the week, Gibson had another disastrous interview with WGN-TV Chicago. Asked how the audience will respond to his return to the multiplexes given his 2006 DUI arrest, Gibson bristled, offered a stare that was Martin Riggs-style crazy and spat out a curt response.

And after the interview ended — apparently unaware that he was still mic’ed and on-camera — muttered, “Asshole.”

As an homage to Gibson’s string of PR meltdowns and audible invective, here’s a new viral video sensation called the "Mel Gibson Asshole Techno Remix":