Gigi Hadid Elbows Prankster in Face During Attack at Milan Fashion Week (Video)

Ukrainian “entertainer” Vitalii Sediuk grabs the model from behind and lifts her into the air

Gigi Hadid was the victim of notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk on Wednesday in Milan.

TMZ reported Hadid had just taken in Max Mara’s Fashion Week show in the Italian city when Sediuk came up behind her and picked her up. Not one to acquiesce to being picked up from behind by a total stranger in the middle of a crowded street, Hadid began screaming at Sediuk and elbowed him in the face.

After Sediuk finally dropped her, Hadid chased him for a few yards, yelling, “You piece of s—!”

This is, shockingly, one of the milder stunts Sediuk has pulled.

In 2012, he kissed Will Smith at the “Men in Black 3” premiere and earned a slap for his audacity. In 2013, the Ukrainian entertainer rushed the stage at the Grammys. And then there was the time in 2014 when he shoved his face into Leonardo DiCaprio‘s crotch, and the other time when he crawled under America Ferrara’s dress at Cannes.

A couple months later, he was arrested in Los Angeles after ramming into Brad Pitt on the “Maleficent” red carpet and breaking Pitt’s glasses.

Since then, Sediuk has seemed to eschew red carpets for fashion shows.

He allegedly shoved Kim Kardashian outside the Balmain Fashion Show in Paris in 2014, then went on to hug Ciara at Valentino’s Paris Fashion Week show a few days later, clad only in a thong.

Watch the video above.