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Gilbert Gottfried Shocks Dr. Drew With Skeezy Comments Towards Female HLN Panelists (Video)

The comic made the host and his guests squirm over his tasteless jokes

Former AFLAC duck voice Gilbert Gottfried shocked Dr. Drew when he made offensive comments on the physical appearance of his HLN panelists.

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“You surround yourself with these hot pieces of ass,” Gottfried said. “And it’s like–it’s kind of like you have a story, someone was killed in their home, and now we’re gonna talk to a bunch of girls that you’d pound like there’s no tomorrow.”

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Dr. Drew asked panelist Michelle Fields for comment.

“I have no words,” Fields said. “I’m ready for commercial.”

“Tell me what you’re wearing,” Gottfried said.

Anahita Sedaghatfar was not impressed with the comedian’s remarks.

“Like Dr. Drew said, all of us are very intelligent, smart women and I would hope we bring more to the table than our looks!” ¬†Sedaghatfar said.

“Dr. Drew is better than the Playboy network,” Gottfried replied.

Dr. Drew nervously cut to commercial.

Sedaghatfar told TheWrap that Dr. Drew had not prepared her for the comedian’s provocative comments.

“I can say that came as a total shock,” she said. “I had no idea he would make these comments, no one told me a thing beforehand.”

Watch the video:

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