‘Girl Meets World’ Mounts ‘Boy Meets World’ Callback: Who Stayed Up All Night Talking? (Exclusive Video)

The conclusion of “Girl Meets Ski Lodge” two-part episode promises to resolve show’s central love triangle

“Girl Meets World” is set to finally resolve its central love triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas, but could someone else enter the picture?

In a major call back to “Boy Meets World” episode “Heartbreak Cory,” this exclusive clip (above) from the newest episode of the Disney Channel spinoff series sees Riley (Rowan Blanchard) realizing she just spent the whole night talking to a boy who’s not Lucas (Peyton Meyer).

This, of course, directly mirrors how her father (Ben Savage) spent all night talking to a girl named Lauren (Linda Cardinelli), back when Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) were teenagers and figuring their relationship out.

Added bonus: Cory and Topanga reenact an all-night talk too, because “I wanted to see what the fuss was about,” according ot Topanga.

The now-married Matthews passed the Lauren test – after a breakup and some rocky times – but will Riley? This episode promises an answer to that question, at least.

“Girl Meets World” airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney Channel.