‘Girls,’ ‘Enlightened’ Get Premiere Dates From HBO

Both "Girls" and "Enlightened" will return to the air Jan. 13

Lena Dunham and her "Girls" will be back for another season of wry musings about the state of modern urban femininity in January.

The 10-episode second season of "Girls" will premiere Jan. 13 at 9 p.m., HBO said Monday, confirming a tweet that star/creator Dunham had sent earlier.

HBO also said that the Laura Dern drama "Enlightened," about an ambitious executive at a global conglomerate who vows to live a more enlightened existence after a humiliating public breakdown, will kick off its new season immediately following the "Girls" return, on Jan. 13 at 9:30. "Enlightened," which is executive-produced by Mike White, who also writes and co-stars in the series, has also been given the go-ahead for 10 episodes.