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‘Girls’ Season 4 Trailer Proves Lena Dunham’s Character Isn’t a Constant Failure After All (Video)

Allison Williams, Adam Driver and Zosia Mamet all return for the HBO series’ next chapter

New York is where Hannah Horvath went to accomplish her dreams of being a writer, but it turns out Iowa is where she should have been all along. The first trailer for “Girls'” fourth season shows writer, creator and star Lena Dunham settling in to her prestigious writers’ workshop.

“I feel like I made the right decision which is a totally new sensation for me,” Dunham’s character says in the video. “I mean, I’m eating grapes, as a snack.”

Still in the picture as her boyfriend Adam is actor Adam Driver, though their now long-distance relationship might be in trouble.

“We’ll take it day by day,” Driver’s character says. “There’s no need to create some drama.”

Jemima Kirke, who plays constant shit-stirrer Jessa on the HBO series, questions why Hannah isn’t brave enough to break up with Adam. Hannah bluntly tells her, “I don’t want to break up with Adam.”

Former item Shoshanna and Ray, played by Zosia Mamet and Alex Karpovsky, are seen back together again under less amorous circumstances. When we last saw Shoshanna, she was discovering that she couldn’t graduate from college. Now she struggles to land a job, being told by one interviewer that she has an “off-putting style.”

“I just don’t understand why nobody tells you how bad it’s going to be in the real world,” she tells Allison Williams, who plays Marnie.

“Yeah they do,” Williams says. “It’s pretty much all they ever tell you.”

Watch the Season 4 trailer for “Girls” above.