Ellen, Gisele, More Stars Fight Trump’s Elephant Trophy Policy: ‘It’s Savage and Pointless’

“Nothing justifies killing,” the supermodel says

Gisele Elephants

Gisele Bundchen is the latest celebrity to add her voice to the opposition of Donald Trump’s new policy that allows elephant trophies to enter the United States from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The supermodel urged everyone to “take care of the wildlife.”

In an Instagram post on Friday, the Bundchen said, “Nothing justifies killing harmless animals to use its parts only as material goods, decoration or even worse as a trophy to satisfy someone’s ego or pride.”

“If we want a better future, we must take care of the wildlife,” the post continued. “When you hurt one species you are hurting them all, including us humans. We are all connected.” She also shared a link to the Wild for Life campaign, which raises awareness about the illegal trade of wildlife and tries to enforce stricter laws to protect endangered species.


Although elephants are protected in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act, there is a loophole that says the government can give permits to hunters for trophies if there is evidence that hunting the endangered animal could help the species’ conservation. An official from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told ABC News that information has been given to the Trump administration from Zimbabwe and Zambia that support the Obama-era ban reversal.

Bundchen isn’t the only celebrity speaking out against the reversal.

Ricky Gervais called it “savage and pointless,” adding, “It breaks my heart.”

“Only the worst person in the world would try to destroy one of the best things in the world,” wrote Cyrus McQueen.

Ellen DeGeneres started the hashtag #BeKindToElephants, urging people to repost a picture shared on her show. For everyone who does, she’ll donate to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help protect elephants.

See more celebrity reactions to the news below.