‘Glee’ Cast Covers Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ Four Horsemen Seen Bobbing Their Heads

Fox’s hit series tackles the supposed worst song ever. What could possibly go wrong?

Two of pop culture's most unstoppable forces — "Glee" and Rebecca Black's "Friday" — have finally combined forces.

The musically-inclined gang from Fox's hit series have sunk their vocal cords into much-maligned YouTube sensation Black's calendar-themed hit, with Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) and Artie Adams (Kevin McHale) taking the lead. The results hit the Internet with mega-watt ferocity on, appropriately enough, Friday, and because it's been a long week for everyone, we're sharing this little piece of sonic heaven with you, dear reader.

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Check out the "Glee" gang's rendition of Black's song below. And for reference, Black's original, official video for the song is also included. You're welcome.